Green Apple Seed and Park Life

ATTENTION! Used Book Lovers!

The famed Green Apple Bookstore is doing something new. They opened another storefront on Clement @4th Ave., where they sell tones of books at 50-75% off the already marked down prices. Some are marked as low as $2 a piece. The slogan is “Warehouse Clearance”. They are closing down their warehouse, so they are selling everything that were used to be stored in the warehouse, i guess.

248 Clement Street @ 4th Ave. (the old Busvan building)
10am-10pm every day

While we were there, we stumbled upon a very cool store two doors down. It is a gadget/design/gallery store called “Park Life”. Calling it a store seems to be an oversimplification. It is a space where usually a store will be, but it seems to encompass more than the normal concept of a store. It features interesting objects, gadgets, books, t-shirts, art… ranged from salk pepper shaker, to alarm clock that runs away to hide (so to get you out of bed), to one of a kind t-shirt, and even original art displayed in the back of the store.

And it is a store with a blog: