Spy: Old and New

Was reading The Comedians by Graham Greene in the morning. I remembered his work being dark, superbly written, with marvelous insight, humorous, and cynical. But i didn’t remember him being THIS cynical.

Have been reading this on and off on shuttle rides. It almost never failed to put me to sleep. Not because it was dull, but because it was so heavy and depressing.

Naturally i end up having a good nap.

In the afternoon we went to see the new Bourne movie. Bourne Ultimatum.

Oh, such great fun!

There was not one dull moment. The story kept rolling out in front of your eyes while Matt Damon being chased in London, in Madrid, in Morocco, and then back in New York. Cars flying and glass shattering, yet audience managed to keep up with all the little details of Jason when he was chased, why did he buy a cell phone first thing getting off the train at Waterloo station? why did he call the police in a Madrid apartment that he was about to leave? why did he pick up laundry pieces as he was jumping up and down the roof tops in Morocco? why did he set himself up in a seemingly trapped intersection of New York City? All those little questions had an answer within the immediate minute of the scene. Speaking of instant gratification.

The editing was perfect, the music was perfect, the rhythm of the movie was flawless. Paul Greengrass had his audiences exactly where he wanted them to be. And they were never bored, they could never relax, yet they were pampered with humorous moments sprinkled throughout the action packed movie. Even till the last scene.

I couldn’t help smiling again and again till the very end. It was like being treated to a feast in a grand restaurant, every detail was well thought out, not one moment of the evening was overlooked. When you left the restaurant, you not only remembered the great food, you also gained so much appreciation on how well a dinner party could be planned and executed.

This is how an entertainment is supposed to be.

I wonder what Greene or Mauham would have written if they lived in today’s espionage world instead of their own?