The Wiggle

Yesterday morning, the fog was so thick in the city that i could barely see past half a block ahead. And today it was a sunny beautiful morning.

As i walked over to the shuttle stop, i was drenched in sweat. The normal shuttle waiting line was much shorter than usual, and we moved ourselves to behind a bus shelter, to get some shade.

Both guys in front of me were on bikes, they were amazed to see so much sweat pouring down my face. So i had to explain i walked over from 10 blocks away. They both pointed at their bikes, “That’s why you need one of these!”

“yeah, but then it is so hilly!”

Then i heard the magic word ‘The Wiggle”.

Turned out there is a special path to go from where we are to the market and stay flat! That secret path is called “The Wiggle” since it wiggles through three hills standing between us and downtown. Supposedly to be a top secret, but he found out there were even signs on the street that says ‘The Wiggle’ now.

At that moment the shuttle came. Another surprise, the wireless worked on shuttle! I did a quick search on Google, and found out the term “The Wiggle” even has its own special entry in wikipedia!

Map of The Wiggle made using Google Maps
A Comprehensive Bike Map for entire SF