“When You Forgive, You Love.”

Into the Wild
Director: Sean Penn
Writers: Jon Krakauer (book)/Sean Penn (screenplay)
Release Date: 21 September 2007 (USA)
Genre: Adventure / Drama

With movies like “Eastern Promises” and “3:10 to Yuma”, this movie season has been a huge disappointment. Until yesterday, finally here is one that moved me.

I read Krakauer’s book and wasn’t that impressed. When Gui suggested we go see this I was a little surprised. She said it has received many good reviews. I trusted her judgment. and I was not disappointed.

Sean Penn did an amazing job, he gave the story a soul that i couldn’t grasp when i was reading the book. Maybe that’s what a movie director has to do, to find a way of telling a story such that it became plausible. To Make audience become empathetic of the main character, to see the world through his/her eyes and be moved by it.

Quotes that I love from the movie:

“When you forgive, you love. When you love, God’s light shines on you.”

“Happiness is real only when shared.”

This is a story well told and a movie beautifully executed.
Sean Penn waited 12 years to get Chris’ parent’s permission to make this film. He originally wanted DiCaprio to be the lead. Now he settled for a new face, Emile Hirsch, who is a complete DiCaprio lookalike.

Well done, Mr. Sean Penn.

The music was unique and carefully chosen. Gui is having ear-trouble this week, every time the music sounded, she put her hand on her ear to block the loudness. It made me more acutely aware of each piece of music in the film, more than i usually would in a movie. I quite like the music, too.

-Review from NYT: Mother Nature’s Restless Sons

~~~~~~~Update: 10/2/2007
Re-read “Into the Wild” the book. Confirmed that all the facts in the movie were also in the book, except the rafting down Colorado River part (Sean Penn made that one up). The movie picked up the facts that would connect the dots and produce a good story. The book spent way too much energy on disputing all sorts of “mis-information” and diluted the power of the story, as a result, the book has more opinions than stories. Conclusion: Sean Penn is a far better story teller than John Krakauer.