Rainy Day

Forecast has predicted chillier weather and rain on Saturday all week.
Yesterday was actually sunny and relatively warm. So i was a little skeptical about the forecast.

Today I woke up to a warm and cloudy morning. I decided for a run, first time since i came back from vacation. It was such a gentle and warm morning, despite the cloudy sky. It felt cozy like a comfy sweater on an autumn day. The air wrapped you around, reminded me of the title of a Fitzgerald novel “Tender is the night”, although it wasn’t the night yet. The mood was fitting.

Came back from the run, i rested it a bit, talked to Gui about our plan for the day, checked out movie schedules on line, and reported to her the weather in the city “threating to rain but could go either way”. Then i went in the kitchen and made breakfast for myself, as i was sitting down to eat by the kitchen window, i suddenly realized it has started raining. The very very quiet kind of of rain, densely woven rain threads, the sky and surrounding still looked clear but moist. I could barely make out the slightly slanted rain tracks against our white painted exterior walls.

It made me a little sentimental. Slowly I finished breakfast, started thinking of writing a blog entry of all the good conversations I’ve had. Counting them out like Eugénie Grandet counting out his gold coin each evening…