The Fun of Climbing

Haven’t climbed for over a year. After i kept up with running for a couple of months, i started miss climbing.

Went with Gui and M to Planet Granite a week and a half ago. I was a very depressing sight. So out of shape and out of practice. Gui said that i had stopped trusting the hold and my own ability.

Today we went again and the fun of climbing started to return to me. There were moments on the wall that I suddenly remembered why i loved it so much six years ago when i just started climbing. And Gui was right. My muscle memories are still intact. My body still remembers how to climb. It is the mental fear that I had conquered before that are now taking over. There were moves my limbs still remembered how to make, but my mental condition dared not to give the green light. There were moments my physical moves surprised me, as if my arms and legs were so impatient they didn’t want to wait for a “go” signal and just went on their own. Surprised the hell out of me.

My arms are heavy like led now. So tired, i could barely lift it to finish typing this paragraph. But it was fun. I should start climbing more often. Maybe getting the lunch pass back? and go bouldering on my own at lunch time? I will think about it.