I heard about quarterlife on NPR, when Terry Gross interviewed Marshall Herskovitz on Freshair. It caught my attention because it is the first production quality tv series only showing on the internet. Herskovitz was one of the creators who created Thirtysomethings and My So-Called Life. The reason he put it on-line was to protest the current corporate control of the creative process of making a TV show in the real networks. He said that. Apparently the network exec are interfering with script writing, stage design, and even dialogs, “But they weren’t trained to be the creative types.” “It is wrong.”

Herskovitz’s protest worked, the show was popular on-line (apparently, but i didn’t know about it till the NPR show), and NBC decided to run it on-air starting next season.

I started watching it tonight and it was not bad! I’m only two episode (it is called parts on the site) into the show. But i’m definitely going to follow it.

Viva Internet! 🙂