A Morning with Wings

A new picture from Zhou Mi’s Ecuador series (click on the picture to see a larger version).

My heart was immediately filled with delight, and it soared. It is Cuenca! I’ve been there. Those pretty domes are in iron grey, resemble the color of a stormy sky. I also remember those lovely villas with white washed stucco walls and red spanish roof-tiles, and the cobble stoned street radianted away like sun rays.

Evenly spread square windows with balconies or dark doorways are neatly arranged like musical notes, the clean lines and curves of the street curbs are like the musical scale, and the beautifully arranged three maganificant domes formed an obediant group of geomatric shapes in the backdrop. Waiting for the nod of the concert master, and then all are brought to life by the flock of birds flying toward us, like the music flowing from under the pianist rapidly dancing fingers. Bathed in the gentle morning light. One could almost feel the slight chill in the air, and hearing the wing flopping as they flew past us.

How did he do it? To capture such a beautiful moment. Even birds seem to know how to arrange themselves in his picture so that the composition would be most pleasing…

Ah! The magic of photography masters!

1 thought on “A Morning with Wings

  1. I’ve read through ZhouMi’s photo in Ecuador.
    Like them very much. Almost each one tells the story itself. This helps me to understand why they say ‘a good photo is the one that do not need any words as explanation’
    Also understand more the ideas in NY Photo Academy: What makes a good photo? To inspire the common feelings among different people.

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