2006 Movies and Books

As time gets closer to when douban was born, the tracking was no longer accurate. Because many books i’ve read earlier was recommended to me during the first couple of years of douban (2005/2006, or maybe the recommendation feature gained more momentum in 2006 after douban gained more users?)and i marked them as read in 2006 and 2005, but that didn’t mean i read them then. So i had to manually edit out some books from the final result returned by the api. Seems to mainly happen to Books. Probably because Book was the first category existed when douban arrived.

Google Chart API is such a niffy thing! Didn’t realize how easy it is to use when it came out a month ago.

Based on the movie charts for both 2007 and 2006, the first half of each year always looks like a a movie drought. Summer blockbuster and last Quarter of each year are the heavy moving going times. If someday douban decides to expose the rating information of its user data, then we probably can draw another interesting charts to show, statistically speaking, which month tends to have the BEST movies coming out. My bet is December. 🙂

2006 Books (total of 26):

2006 Movies (total of 77):