An Auto Shop Advanture

One break down: my car won’t start Thursday night after gym (Jan. 10, 2008). Battery was fine, jump start didn’t work.

Two Auto Shops Reviews came out of this little episode of mine:

– One bad. Belmont 76 Auto Service Center (Ralston & 6th Ave.). Highway robbery. Claiming the entire Electric systems must be replaced. $1200! or minimum work requires a change of distributor, $880.
PLUS $120 investigation fee. i.e. $120 paid for a white lie.

– One good. APS Enterprise, San Mateo
$202 total, replaced broken electric igniter coil. No investigation fee.

My Acura Integra’s past auto shop advanture:
Cracked Radiator: Nov. 2003, repaired at Kaloci & Son, Sunnyvale
– A broken fan, Jan 2006, repaired at The Garage, San Francisco.