The New Yorker: From Chinese Boxing to Italian Political Comedian

My theory of the New Yorker having alternate editors seems to still be true, i.e. it is alternating between really interesting to really boring. I either read every single article in one weekend or feel completely indifference and read none. Feb 4th 2008 issue belongs to the former. I woke up at 9:30am this morning, and read till noon.

The cover cartoon is note-worthy considering recent economic mood on wall street, properly titled too “Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall…,” by Kathy Osborn.

-The Sporting Scene: THE BOXING REBELLION, In the sport that Mao banned, China’s hopes rest on one man. by Evan Osnos. That one man is Zou Shiming, the captain of China’s boxing team. Chinese boxing officials have a name for their objective in this summer’s Olympics, to be held in Beijing: the “zero-gold-medal breakthrough.” Zou Shiming is China’s best and only hope for the first Olympic boxing gold.

-The Letter from Italy: BEPPE’S INFERNO: A comedian’s war on crooked politics. by Tom Mueller

The Talk of the Town section also have interesting pieces:
THE MINSKY MOMENT, John Cassidy on the credit-crisis prophet
Dept. of Odds – Aces, Obama’s poker game.

– The Political Scene/The Color of Politics/ Peter J. Boyer/ Cory Booker’s post-racial generation.
Too bad this one has no softcopy on line. I’ve never heard of Cory Booker before. But after reading this i started to realize what has been bothering me about Obama and Booker seems to have exactly what Obama is lacking, the drive and patience to actually DO something. I wonder if we will get to see Booker on the national political scene in the future, after he turns Newark around. From certain aspect Booker reminded me a little of Gavin Newsom…