Don’t Know Much About Economy

911 got me interested in politics. The months followed the event, I read everything i could find about US foreign policy and politicians involved. I was tracking news like an addict on a daily basis. I remember when I went on my trip to South America in April 2002, what bothered me the most before the trip was how limited the internet access would be during the trip, i was worried to interrupt my news reading habit every morning.

The current financial crisis of the US got me interested in economics. One of my co-workers thought i got myself into day-trading cuz I started to watch every move of the market and keeping track of quite a lot of various informations that might influence the market.

Since i’m in the middle of the knowledge absorption phase, it is hard for me to step away from all these chaos and say anything semi-interesting. But what I could say at this point is that I’m very impressed with Mr. Bernanke so far. And I’d like to read more about him, including that famous paper of his on the Great Depression.

To share something i just found and it was interesting: NYT Oct 26, 2005: At the Fed, an Unknown Became a Safe Choice

A couple of books by Bernanke that’s probably worth reading:
Essays on Great Depression
Inflation Targeting: Lessons from the International Experience

(to be continued…)