One thought on “Behind Current Tibet’s Trouble

  1. Great article. We find it difficult not to invent some meaningful narrative out of a set of perhaps meaningless incidents. This is the story of our lives – stories made up about the random incidents that we experience.

    But sad when those in power come up with a simplisitic story. Saddened to hear that all the US presidential hopefuls from the 2 major parties have now taken some type of don’t-let-China-get-away-with-it stance on Tibet. Their positions may be well thought out but as an average newsreader the line of reasoning has never been presented to me. I’ve had to sift through the arguments, half-truths, chest-thumping on both sides, and still am pretty much confused.

    Jean’s Reply:
    Paraphrase one woman (Jun) from, I think we overestimate the intelligence of our presidential candidates. Maybe caught in certain unfortunate moments, they would behave no better than the red guards of Culture Revolution. That’s just too bad. 🙁
    Okay and you gave me excuse to include this highly inflammatory piece here: Why They Hate China, Well, you have to hate someone… by Justin Raimondo

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