NTY: Forging a Chinese Scent

United Colors of Benetton will release two perfume especially designed for Chinese taste. It will be called Energy Games, referencing Olympic Games.
Forging a Chinese Scent, By CHANDLER BURR Published: May 10, 2008

And so the Benetton team designed as its feminine scent a fruity floral perfume with mandarin, lychee, cranberry, peach and — for its pure clean scent — osmanthus. They added synthetic musks, since those molecules are often used in laundry detergent and read as clean notes.

Benetton’s masculine scent was based on a mixture the creative team called frosted lavender, which combines a traditional male classic scent with the big freshness of yuzu (a Japanese citrus), mandarin and a little bit of pineapple. This was reinforced with fresh ginger and, in the base, soft amber and cedar and sandalwood.

Benetton will introduce Energy Games Man and Energy Games Woman two months before the Games begin.

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