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I started noticing a trend in my “blog-reading” taste. I gravitate toward woman bloggers. The wonderful fact is once I find a woman blogger I enjoy, I could find so many more equally good ones from her links section. The only exception is Jeffrey Zeldman, whose ¡°externals¡± page has introduced me to A Life Uncommon and bluishOrange (both are woman, ha).

So you could imagine how thrilled I was last night when I came across this blog-ring: blogs by women. From there I found Baraita: The Blog¡ªan academia who teaches liberal arts in university, loves books and talks about academic life, Harry Potter, Gothic altarpieces, etc., and from Baraita I found dust from the distant sun ¡ªa resident of Copenhagen and a born kiwi who wants to move to New Zealand one day and grow old by the sea, and Gideon Strauss who loves using big words and reads Jane Austen, from Gideon Stauss¡¯s morning coffee list I found About Last Night: TERRY TEACHOUT on the arts in New York City¡­

See what I mean?

But it doesn¡¯t mean I love every blog as long as it comes out of female finger tips. I promptly skipped all the ones concentrating on dieting, make-up tips, self-help books, ¡°oh gosh my day is so boring¡± kinds.

I like the ones that are (borrowing from Baraita) ¡°girl geeks identify with Hermione¡±. : )

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