The Runaway Teacher

The hottest debated topic in Mainland China nowadays: The Runaway Teacher. It is refreshing to hear such an individualistic and rational voice. The fact he admitted that he is a coward made him human, which has not been what Chinese are taught to strive for.

Teacher Fan graduated from Peking University, had the option to enter graduate school and to become a scholar (something many consider to be an incredible opportunity). Instead, he chose to return to the province to teach middleschool, which had bad pay and low social status. The reason? He wanted to save students from the rigid education system that he himself had to suffer. he wanted to teach young people to be independent thinkers and to learn not for exam but for pure enjoyment of knowledge, for the love of Chinese literature/history/culture.

Sounded like he had archived his goal, to stir up a storm, to trigger debate, and to challenge people to think for themselves instead of blindly agreeing with what is expected of them by the norm.