The Dark Knight

People are talking about The Dark Knight to catch up with Titanic, which grossed over $600Million in its box office. The Dark Knight has brought in $470Million on its 13th day out.

I was a little skeptical when i walked into the theater. If not for the free ticket and such a lovely walk from office to the theater on such a sunny afternoon…

But i was surprised by the complexity of the movie. Not just the plot, but also the characters portrayal. I wonder how many viewers come in to watch the Late-Heath Ledger’s final role. They weren’t disappointed. Now i wonder how much of this role played in his accidental death. What a dark character! How could any normal person endure such abyss…

I’m hesitant to dive into a detailed analysis of why I like the movie so much. I want to see it again and i want to keep this pleasant enjoyment intact, like a ball of well designed flower arrangement. Taking it apart is to destroy its beauty.

I like the movie, all of it. The way it is made, the shots, the lighting, the subtleties of the acting, not just from Heath, but also Christian Bale, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, and Maggie Gyllenhaal. I like the stage design, how stark the “bat cave” looked in its industrial lofty brickwalls and tall rough glass panes. Even the minor thug characters are just right, they are fleshy real, adding in their own texture. And of course, the brilliant lines delivered by Heath tied all the pieces together.

Now i can’t remember whether i have seen The Batman Begins. Vaguely i seemed to remember i have and liked it. but I can’t be sure it is not just the trailers that i remembered. because how could i never write about it if i had? puzzling.

2 thoughts on “The Dark Knight

  1. Now I really want to watch the movie…

    Jean’s Reply:
    Although I have to warn you ahead of the time, it IS violent. Especially in the beginning. I, for the first time, had to close my eyes for a scene cuz I really couldn’t bear to see it. Even though at the end the worst weren’t shown, but the built up was gruesome enough.

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