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The Girl With The Uneven/Crooked/Buck Teeth and the Fat/Chubby Face

So where did Chen Qigang talk about the “chubby/fat face” and “crooked/uneven/wonky/buck teeth”? Nowhere. Go back and re-read the western media reports — they are the ones who thought that she had those physical attributes. Lin and Yang were among the final three candidates who were listed on the playbill, and therefore it cannot be the case that they are not ‘presentable’ or could not sing. But today, the world knows Yang as having “chubby/fat face” and “crooked/uneven/wonky/buck teeth” and Lin as having no singing talents. Well, who needs Politburo members when we have western media showering such ‘tender, loving care’ on Chinese children? DJ’s post at Fool’s Mountain is titled The cruelest insults come from ones pretending to speak as the righteous. Right …

The article also offered some brilliant detective work using Google:

This was too good to sit just in Comment #117 by JXie at Fool’s Mountain’s The cruelest insults come from ones pretending to speak as the righteous.

Personally love a good puzzle …

* First a google news search with keyword “teeth opening ceremony”, there are a lot of returns.

* Take out those who picked up from AP (”-AP”).

* Further limit with dates 8/12 to 8/13, when the “crooked teeth” meme first broke in the English world.

* Now the number of returns is more manageable. Reverse sort by dates. Look over the first 20 or so pages. The google spiders work pretty hard, and pieces from major news outlets rarely take more than a few minutes to hit the google news.

* This is the source in the English world, especially given the richness of its content that wasn’t fully picked up by others: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/olympics/article4512250.ece

* It credits china.com.cn for the picture. Now use baidu.com instead since its spiders on Chinese contents are more reliable. The keywords are “site:(china.com.cn) 林妙可 杨沛宜”. The page was removed by china.com.cn. However there was a baidu cached page: http://tinyurl.com/62oyun. No mention of crooked teeth and chubby/fat face.

Conclusion: the meme of “crooked teeth” and “chubby cheek” was started by Jane Macartney and Ashling O’Connor of The Times (The UK newspaper).

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