Z&Y Under New Management

Just added this to Yelp.

Z&Y Restaurant 御食园
655 Jackson Street (@Grant)
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 981-8988

Supposedly the new management took over in early Aug’08. They kept the English name.

This is the first time we eat here, but the food is phenomenon. If the food stays this good in a consistent manner, we will never have to drive south to San Mateo or Fremont for authentic Sichuan food any more! Yay!

There were four of us, and we ordered the following dishes, all excellent!

Pancake With Beef
— This is absolutely delicious and unique. This is a dish we don’t see very often on restaurant menus, and when they do have it, it will come in with loose beef and green onion plus some sauce stuffed in a thin skinned half bun, similar to a sandwich. But at Z&Y, they layered the beef and green onion and sauce in between roti like thin pancakes, then it gets rolled up, and cut into bite size. It is lovely.

Couple’s Delight
– a signature sichuan appetizer, and it could be used to measure a sichuan restaurant’s authenticity. This is by far the best Couple’s Delight we’ve had in the entire bay area, better than Spice II on Clement, and better than Spicy Town in Fremont. The beef and tendon are sliced paper thin, the spice and numbing pepper are plentiful, the sauce was sophisticated but not too oily (even though it might look very red).

Yunnan Style Steamed Chicken Soup in Clay Pot
– Recommended by the restaurant owner, and it is yummy. There are goji berries and diced ham in the soup. Reminded me of catalan stock pot we had in Barcelona. It is like Chinese stock pot. 🙂

Spicy Fish with Flaming Chili Oil
– This dish is THE reason we are here. My hubby had lunch a few days ago and saw a neighboring table ordered this dish. He was instantly impressed because it looked like exactly the way that modern Chinese sichuan restaurants cooks it in China: After the waitress cleaned out the thick layer of chili pepper floating on top, the fish fillet is floating in clear soup. Most time when you visit Sichuan restaurant in the US, the soup is never clear, mostly filled with red oil, and in the worse quality ones, they covered the fish with starch. But not here. This place is cooking the fish the modern way, just like in today’s China. Finally. and the fish and the bean sprouts in the bottom of the soup are so delicious.

Tan Tan Noodle – solid, yummy and authentic. I liked it that it has some sesame sauce. But hubby is a bit disappointed that it is not spicy enough.

Dry Sauteed String Beans – this is not bad. but comparing to the rest of the dishes, it seemed to be just okay. We cleaned all the plates except this one.

We also got a small bowl of desert soup that’s made of fermented rice soup with sticky rice ball. good flavor.

Total came to $84 plus tip.
similar to the price range of Spicy Town in Fremont, but the food quality is definitely superior.

Parking: When the total order is over $30, you get 2 hour validation parking at Portsmouth Square Garage.