“I’m a Mac.” “And I’m a PC.”

Two interesting articles lately, in response to Microsoft’s new “I’m a PC” advertising campaign.
New Microsoft Ads Win Most Improved Award (It Wasn’t Hard Though) , from blog “All Things Digital”.

And these new Microsoft (MSFT) ads are definitely normal and more clear, having an it’s-a-small-world-after-all panoply of people declare that they are all PCs.

The message is aimed at attacking the more elitist message of Apple (AAPL) ads, which have effectively mocked PC guy relentlessly over the years as an oaf.

While the ads feel like they are tapping a little too much into that uneasy red-state-blue-state vibe–as if we need more of that–they’re also nicely done, thankfully, although not particularly new or innovative.

Digging Deeper, from blog “Daring Fireball”.

Apple does not sell operating systems. They sell computers. Microsoft does not sell computers; they sell operating systems. … Apple and Microsoft are undeniably engaged in one of the longest running and most interesting rivalries in business history, but it is very odd in that it is an orthogonal rivalry.

And so what makes Microsoft’s new “I’m a PC” commercials so jaw-droppingly bad is that they’re not countering Apple’s message, but instead they’re reinforcing it. That the spots themselves jump between dozens of different people who “are” PCs, that the spots make a point of emphasizing that there are a billion Windows-running PCs worldwide, this only emphasizes that “PC” is not a brand name but a generic.

So what do you think?

To me, “Digging Deeper” sounds exactly like how Obama talks. Clever and full of interesting logic and at the end, the Elitist embracing it wholeheartedly, while the “generic” people think it is just convoluted and they don’t bother to get it and they don’t really care.

What will be interesting to see is if people react differently when they are purchasing a merchandise versus when they are electing a government office. In other words, do they want to buy something that looks better than themselves while they prefer to be governed by someone who is dumber than them.

Wait and see.