The Perfect Sunday

To seize and enjoy the last sunlight of the summer, Matthew and Gui came up with the perfect idea for a sunny Sunday.

We are to drive to Crissy Field in the morning, and Gui and I bike across Golden Gate Bridge while Matthew ran along on the other side of the bridge, have some delicious food at a seafood restaurant in the waterfront of Sausalito. Then we catch a Ferry back to the City.

Everything went perfectly. Even though on the City side, the bridge was in the fog, and it was windy and cold as we peddled across. It was sunny and breezy in Sausalito. The restaurant we went to is called Fish, it turned out to be a lot further away from the touristy section. We sat on the patio and admired the Bay and many sail boats docked by in the marina. The crabroll was buttery and the crab was fresh. Fries crispy and hot. Beer was chilled and light. Life was so good.

When we got back to downtown Sausalito, 3pm Ferry back to Fisherman’s Wharf just started boarding. The view from the deck of the ferry was breathtaking. Just like last time when Mi and I took the ferry from Sausalito back, the scenery in the sunlight reminded me of Istanbul again. The upper deck was filled with tourists, we could hardly hear one word in English.

The killer of the day came at the end, as we biked away from Fisherman’s wharf toward Crissy Field. It was cold and windy, and we are tired. Then we saw the steep uphill that separated Fisherman’s Wharf and our car. by the time we made it to the top, my legs were like jelly. We checked out SF big book sale in Fort Mason. All books are at priced at $1!

The day ends with a hot bath, hot tea, and fried rice.
iphone was a great help, we could always look up where we are. No more getting lost and no need for a stack of printout either. Technology is sweet.

351 Harbor Dr.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Sunday

  1. Very good indeed, enjoy reading your Sunday with friends, food, ocean and wind. I just had a perfect Sunday as well with families in Oahu, stayed in Marriot beach club, walked along the quiet beach, listened to the folk songs played by the singer in the garden,played with susu,watched stars on the balcony with sweet melon perfectly chilled. After getting Susu into sleep, I had time to read the “twilight” delivered by amazon…

    Jean’s Reply:
    Lucky Susu! 🙂
    It is amazing to read that you could continue to have a enjoyable personal life after becoming a mother. Bravo! Do you have lived-in nanny or any kind of domestic help? That seems to be one critical difference between being a mother in Asia versus being a mother in the US…

  2. Yeah, you are right, we do have a lived-in yaya, a household maid (who can cook Chinese food) to help, that is probably one of the most important pros of living in Manila. Especially both I and Sherwin have to travel for work, having such help is really a bless. However, on this trip to Hawaii, we do not bring the yaya, but Sherwin is a very loving daddy who in fact take care of Susu more than I do, especially at night. Plus grandpa and grandma are here with us in Hawaii. Although being a mother does change my lifestyle since we have to cater to Susu’s unpredicable schedule now, this means that I probably won’t be doing snorkling, diving,sailing (we will try to see if we can do that next week in Kauai), but this is all part of motherhood and we do enjoy our moments with Susu a lot.

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