Informative Session on American Finance

Recommended by Very informative radio program, explaining today’s financial crisis, how did it happen and why did it happen, how does everything interconnect?

Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg explain the fundamentals:

The first program they did for “This American Life”, This Giant Pool of Money

The second program they did, Another Frightening Show About the Economy

I have been listening to this all night. I listened to the second program twice, and certain sections multiple times cuz it is so complicated.

Watching me listening to this over and over again, mom laughed, “All Chinese have turned into Chemists, and all Americans have turned into Economists/Financial Experts.” Funny, but sad, too.

Finally got to the end of the second program. so the final bill came out Senate and House is actually the best bill that could be done. The fact someone get the stock injection plan into the bill is a huge comfort. So maybe there is still some hope for democracy… we shall see.

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  1. I listened to the 2nd podcast this morning. The program was excellent. Thanks for sharing this recommendation!

    I happened to be taking an evening accounting class this fall. On the current credit crisis, my professor advised the class to read as much as possible, educate ourselves, and learn through this painful experience.

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