Giorgio Morandi

It is the opening week of the ArtsJournal: About Last Night, a weblog by Terry Teachout on the arts in New York City. Apparently Teachout is the drama critic of the Wall Street Journal.

Teachout introduced an artist that was new to me. Giorgio Morandi, who painted the painting above. Here is what Terry Teachout has said about Morandi’s painting:

What makes Giorgio Morandi¡¯s paintings so special? To begin with, most people don¡¯t seem to find them so. Though Morandi is renowned in his native Italy, he is unknown in this country save to critics, collectors, and connoisseurs. It¡¯s easy to see why. His art is too quiet and unshowy, too determinedly unfashionable, to draw crowds. It creates its own silence. “Curiously, these deceptively modest paintings, drawings, and prints seem to elicit only two responses: extreme enthusiasm or near-indifference. And yet, this is not surprising, since Morandi¡¯s art makes no effort to be ingratiating or to put itself forward in any way¡­.For anyone who pays attention, the microcosm of Morandi¡¯s tabletop world becomes vast, the space between objects immense, pregnant, and expressive.”

That quote is from Karen Wilkin…

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