Some cold air from Alaska moved in over a week ago. For a few days, we saw snow in all of Bay Area peaks. Bay Area looked a bit like Vancouver during those days, with snow-capped mountains.

Temperature hovered around 40’s F. Nothing to complain about comparing to places with real winter. But it was exceptionally shocking because we had such a summer like warm November!

The honest truth is I love it. I love the rush of cold air on my cheek as i step out, I love the white breath fogging up in front of everyone. I loved the fact i could wear a coat and a hat and gloves and everyone else on the street was bundled up too. It reminded me of Beijing, whose winter was extremely atmospheric.

This morning for a brief period, the rain was heavy. Our bed was very close to the window, and the splashing rain and howling wind sounded so close by, as if it was raining right on my pillow. It was lovely.