Holiday Feast!

We’ve been cooking up a storm at home during this holiday season. I got some easy recipe on line for bread baking. So freshly baked bread has been a huge hit, too. I love it when the house if filled with freshly baked bread aroma. heavenly! On New Year’s Eve, Gui and Matthew joined us and Gui and ZM each cooked a bunch of delicious dishes. On New Year’s day, mom made lots of Chinese goodies from scratch, such as meat pie, dumpling and pot-stickers. I’m drooling again as I typed these… Yum!

Happy 2009!

More photos: Holiday 2008 Feast

One thought on “Holiday Feast!

  1. Happy New Year! I made some bread today but used a wrong kind of flour (bread flour rather than the all purpose flour), worried about the bread will become too hard to chew, I added some more water into the dough. The end result is not too bad, but will definitely improve next time around…

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