Who Has Been Lifting Up My Zebra?

At work, we move to a new building almost once a year. After each such move, we often were given a little stuffed animal as a “welcome to your new home” price.

The theme of the stuffed animal differs from year to year. One of them was African animals, and i end up with a zebra.

During one particular not-so-uplifting moment, i left my zebra face down on my bookshelf, legs spread out on four directions, as if it just took a fall. A few days later i noticed someone had lift it up to stand on all fours. I thought maybe someone was in the cube talking to my cube mate and took pity on the poor zebra? Out of mischievousness, i returned my zebra back to the “splash” position, and a day later, it stood up again! This little game has been going on for months. The duration it took for it to stand up seems to have pro-longed, but it always always stood up.

Quite amused. Who was it? Was it one person (janitor?) or random people who walk by and all happen to have the same reaction? Should i put up a webcam to figure it out?