“FB-eye Sightings”

In my limited knowledge of the US prior to 1990, I’ve heard stories of Elvis sightings, which usually cause much excitement among the Elvis fans. In my limited experiences with weblog community, I’ve started noticing a phenomena that can only be categorized as “FBI Sightings¡± by fellow webloggers, and they cause much excitement.

One such sighting just made to today¡¯s Number 1 spot of the reverend blogdex. It was well written and it was funny.

Careful: The FB-eye may be watching-Reading the wrong thing in public can get you in trouble

My co-worker, Craig, says that we should probably be thankful the FBI takes these things seriously; I say it seems like a dark day when an American citizen regards reading as a threat, and downright pitch-black when the federal government agrees.

And here is another “sighting” I’ve read a few months back when I just noticed the weblog community.
“The FBI has been reading my diary”
“A student is mistakenly targeted as an investigation blurs the line between local and federal law enforcement ”

On a slightly side note, I remembered an observation from Baraita:

September 30, 2001
My friends and acquaintances all seem to have acquired blogs/journals within the past week or three. Is it an Internet fad, or some urge to testify which the events of two weeks ago shook loose within us?

Interesting, isn¡¯t it? What happened on 911 caused a wave of people wanting to express their opinions and frustrations and they found weblog as the media; meanwhile, 911 also caused the US government¡¯s law enforcement agencies to go out and hunt for any ¡°suspicious¡± opinions being expressed by…whom? the former wave of people?