Snapster – Son of Napster

Son of Napster – One Possible Future for a Music Business That Must Inevitably Change By Robert X. Cringely

I’ve heard Cringely’s speech at one of AC’s entire Northern California staff meeting. He was an amazing speaker. flamboyant, witty, and very very cocky. Here he described a way to make music sharing legal (versus the “illegal” Napster that got shut down years ago).

If anyone actually does this business, don’t forget where you first heard it. Of course, if you actually spend the $2 million as I suggest and lose it all, please forget my name.

The business I am about to describe has not been legally tested. I have run it past a few lawyer friends of mine, but a true legal test can only be done in the courts. Having said that, the universal response I have received from lawyers can best be described as giddiness. They get it. And the implications of this idea — the sheer volume of trouble it could create — gets their billing glands working.

Read the article yourself and see if you believe him. I wonder if it would happen. Consider the fact that this news article made to the #2 position of today’s blogdex, it is likely someone will start such a business, right?