Speaking of Perfume

Sherrie’s working in the perfume industry and she knows her scents! 🙂 I loved her description of each type and how she decomposed them into their flowery elements. Want to share with you her insight regarding a few fragrances…

I like L’air du Temps too. Chinese name is ±ÈÒíË«·É, but i like the name ʱ´úµÄÆø·Õ. This is a bouquet type perfume aged about 40 folded with the typical flower notes like rose, jasmine, lily, and tuberose.

It’s really classic. Its status in the perfume history is same as JOY… both are bouquet types, or say, flowery.

So far, as the perfumes I used, I like CD’s Dune the best. Only a drop is enough. It’s warm, steady and peaceful for me. I gave Luan Kan a bottle of perfume, with the note of CKone like. She likes that very much. It’s delight and relaxing.

U said u like Oui. I checked the composition. It has the simple fragrance. Simple flowery note, blends with some citrus note like Colongue, and then the bottom is some musky note. I bet u would like CK-one too. If u wanna try others, u may ask the attendant for other perfumes with White Flowers note. White flower note means it contains the smell of jasmine, lily, tuberose, ylang ylang, gardenia, honeysuckle, magnolia & etc.. They are refreshing, not ‘thick’

Though, how i wish i may smell Oui and Temps right now and right here. If so, I would have some more detail comments. Up to now, I am only imagining their scent… ~ build on the info of their compostion…

Aroma is exciting for me…

BTW, I dont like the fashionable Fruity-Flower note. I have a feeling that they r cheap, and too aggressive, though in this section, some perfumes are quite successful. U try CD’s J Ador, and Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflower if possible, then tell me if u like it.

In a word, I believe flowery, oriental, aldehydic are the essential for women because they r cosy, passionate , calm AND elegant. These should be the elements for a Lady.

For those other perfumes cited in this article, Green Poison, Cool water,… no idea.

The article Sherrie referred to was from a Chinese BBS: Å®ÈË£¬×öһƿÃ÷ÁÁµÄÏãË®ZT

Not sure about you, but I think a visit to the department store is due! Will bring a notebook with me, too. 🙂