Speaking of Perfume (Cont’d)

Following Sherrie’s advice, I went to Macy’s to check out some fragrance. She was right, I do like CKone very much. It is the fragrance of grass and plants. Even Nappy enjoyed it the most. My eyes lighted up. It gave my spirit a lift and I felt like flying away. It is about being young and carefree.

I didn’t care much for J’Ador. It was too ‘thick’ and rosy. “Aggressive” is a better word.
Christian Dior¡¯s Dune, Sherrie¡¯s favorite, is by far the most complex and most lovely. It is subtle and peaceful, sweet but with a hint of spice. It is also mysterious, among that quiet scent; there was something aloof that surprised me. I couldn¡¯t put it out of my mind. Ah! That lingering scent. It¡¯s Amazing. I have never known a fragrance can be so complex.

Also found a site with lots of miniature perfume bottles. They ARE cute! No wonder so many people collecting them… Some of them are really creative and elegant. Here are a few of them that I like:

Deep Night – Ghost | Shi -Alfred Sung | Parfum d ete – Kenzo
Flower – Kenzo | Chapeu Bleu-Marina Picasso | Le jardin – Max Factor

7 thoughts on “Speaking of Perfume (Cont’d)

  1. Emm, the dune bottle is prettier than the one I gave to FangZhou…

    Nice bottles, I like the one looks like a slim flower, crystal.

  2. Flower – Kenzo?
    In Chinese Kenzo is ¸ßÌïÏÍÈý. Japanese, maybe? FangZhou got me all curious about fragrance now. I’ve never known they can be so complicated. 🙂

  3. Yes,Kenzo. Looks simple and crystal. I like the curve.
    Perfumes are really complicated. Seems a lot of story behind the delicated fragrance. FangZhou can always get samples from these company. And boasted to me this note, that note, first smell(£¿Í·Ïã), the base… blablabla…
    I listened with admiration… anyway, I know nothing and can’t point out whether there is faulse…

    FangZhou Êô¹·, that’s why she is enthusiatic on frangrance. 😉 Gifted, work with nose… haha…

  4. Yes, Not only perfumes are described as Liquid of Gold, but those bottles are also treasures.

    Nobody is wrong.. we are just talking what you r feeling when you catch the scents.
    From my point of view, I am just thinking how to reproduce the perfume and/or how to remember the perfume. This is only my habit. For you, just enjoy it if you r happy..and happier.

  5. Haha, LuanKan is funny! FangZhou has a great nose! That’s wonderful! I’m born in the year of Pig, that means i have a wonderful apetite, I can eat anytime, all the time. haha. And I sleep a lot, too. 🙂 Heehee.

    Oh, Fang Zhou, you won’t believe how much I’ve sniffed today! 14 types of perfume! I’m going to write a report to you now.

    I don’t get Chanel No. 5, what’s the big deal? It smells like root-beer or coca-cola to me. Very…man made and industrial… 🙁

  6. Talk about boasting, a joke…

    One day we were having a training workshop. A girl came in. She was an experienced one, just wanted to enhance this part of knowledge. She asked:’what’s the topic?’
    The lecturer replied very causiously: ‘XXXX… and…do u know about it?’
    ‘oh, nothing.’
    He came back to his confidence, louder:’Ha, that’s perfect. Let’s continue…’

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