District 9

I wanted to see this movie because of Peter Jackson’s name on it and all the raving reviews, not just from critics, but from twitter land, also because we couldn’t get tickets two weeks after it premiered. I didn’t know too much about the story probably thanks to the vagueness of the trailer.

The last time a movie trailer that let on nothing of the film was probably the original Matrix. Interesting enough, Matthew made the comment as we left the theatre tonight, “The best sci-fi since the Matrix.”

I was blown away.

Not just because of the originality of the plot, the imagination, the special affects. All that were amazing in their own right. but what’s more, it is the humanity of it. The closeness it has to reality. A parallel universe that could very much be true. Acting, production, cinematography, music. It was perfect.

By the end of the movie, the entire audience were with the aliens, and cheering at every human being vanquished. It was thrilling.

I came home and did a little research on the director Neil Blomkamp. 30 years old. So very young! Reminded me of another young director whose debut feature film i loved earlier this year: Cary Fukunaga and his Sin Nombre. Two very different films, completely opposite in style. But the talent of both are equally brilliant. Looking forward to more great movies from both…

Some interesting bits about South African born and Vancouver based Neil Blomkamp:
Video clip of interview with Neil Blomkamp on the making of District 9
transcript of another interview with Blomkamp on the movie.
Original District 9 short film by Neil Blomkamp
– A couple of Nike commercial Blomkamp did but was shelved later: Crab, Revolution.

None of these shorts can hold a candle to the feature film itself.
Now everyone, go see the movie in theater while you still can. You will love it. 🙂

*Just checked boxoffice stats. This little film with $30MM (even Julie & Julia had $40MM budget!) has already grossed over $80MM by Friday 8/27/2009! Awesome!