Real Time Search – Twitter FTW!

Coming back from dinner at Chinatown, ran into huge traffic jam on S. 101 when we got on at 4th street. Accident? Looks like a parking lot! I quickly exited at 9th to take local road. Heading east on Harrison, as we pulled to the red light at the intersection with 10th. I saw the first 4 or 5 police motorcycles zooming by toward 101 on-ramp, i thought, must be that accident on 101! But, wait, there are more motorcycle polices coming, what kind of accident is this? As we counted over 10 police motorcycles zooming by with light flashing, ZM said, Motorcade! and the number of motorcycle police kept coming. A couple of them stopped at the intersection to block traffic on Harrison so the motorcade can keep going even when the light changed to green. Finally we saw a bunch of black Cadillac SUV zooming past. “Jack Bauer” I laughed!

“This looks presidential!” ZM speculated. “Is Obama in town?”
“No Way? really?”
“If not Obama, it has to be one of his cabinet. ”

I just remembered to check, and couldn’t find anything on local news website. didn’t turn out anything interesting either.

So i finally went to twitter and searched for “SF Motorcade.”


Turned out to be Joe Biden, in town for a Babara Boxer’s fund raiser event.

Twitter is cool! 🙂