Dying to See “Up in the Air”

Over the weekend, I realized the new movie “Up in the Air” is by the same director who brought us “Thank you for smoking” and “Juno”. My interests was piqued. I just finished reading Anthony Lane’s review of it on the latest New Yorker, and he liked it!  That is very rare.  Now i definitely want to watch the movie.

So i went over to watch the trailers and some clips. They were hilarious! Brought back flood of memories from the old days when i used to travel/live for the miles! Now i’m dying to watch this movie!

A couple of FreshAir interviews relate to “Up in the Air”

2 thoughts on “Dying to See “Up in the Air”

  1. I like Juno, this looks like a winner too. Somehow George is finding a way to age well.

    • Yes, he definitely does and he is really a great actor!
      Did you see “Thank you for Smoking”? i like it a lot more than Juno.

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