The Quiet American

It is a classic Graham Greene story. It starts in a leisure pace. All is quiet and calm. The narrator’s voice is a little tired but rings true. The narratives are measured and carefully planned, yet, you won’t see any trace of planning. The story unfolds itself layer by layer. We are led into believing and trusting the honesty and noble qualities of men. Then, in a few scattered sentences, we are allowed to look out of the emotion-rich minds of these men, who were surounded by the chaotic and elaborate background story that deciphers war, conspiracy, politics, and intertwined interests of countries that are powerful and the ones that are weak. As the story approaches its ending, everything is suddenly swept away by the cruel current of the uncontrollable river, which we later would call history. The story will end with a sober note. Everything is quiet again. We are allowed to depart with some satisfaction. But then if you look back, and try to think it through. You are stunned at all that were left unsaid. Only then do we know nothing is what it appeared to be, and no man is as honest and noble as he wants you to believe.

Graham Greene is a genius. The movie The Quiet American definitely captured the essence of Greene. Excellent.