A drop of ink

Stayed up late because of a drop of ink.
More specificaly I was mesmorized by her web log (2000/4-2001/12). During that time she just moved to Shanghai from ShenZhen, to live alone in a big city, without any friends or relatives. The only people she knew were a few co-workers who were relocated at the same time by the company. I was able to see Shanghai through her eyes, first as a stranger, and slowly as an adopted daughter of Shanghai, the Paris of the east. I often wondered what i would be like if i didn’t immigrate to California 13 years ago. When i read her entries, i suddenly knew, i would be very much like her. I enjoyed her writing, her curiosity, her love for books and the internet. I admire her adventure spirit. I couldn’t pull myself away from my laptop, 11pm, midnight, 1am, now it is almost 2am. I continued on.

Then, no weblog for the entire year of 2002. She resumed in December of 2002, and she seemed content and optimistic enough.

I did think of writing to her several times when i was reading her earlier entries.

Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. I really dig your blog, so I’m reading from the start. Now I know the answer. Just ignore my question in the guestbook! 🙂

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