Working with the Right Coast

As it happened, most of the time i need to work with people in the Far East. It exacerbates my tendency to follow a night-owl schedule: sleep late and get up late.

Recently I had to work with people on the east coast instead. Slowly I had to change my sleep pattern to be in-sync with the Right Coast. This morning was especially bad. Started dealing with emergency after emergency starting at 7am. By 11am, i already felt exhausted. The good thing about working in early morning was the entire campus was so quiet. I could concentrate on tasks at hand without disturbance. Soon I happily realized something else: that i had the entire afternoon to myself cuz the Right Coast has gone home! I went to a couple of training instead. It was kinda nice. Feeling a sense of accomplishment by noon and stay relaxed for the remainder of the day.

I could get use to this Right Coast schedule.

Speaking of the Right Coast, it is pretty freaky what happened today with the stock market!freefall

4 thoughts on “Working with the Right Coast

  1. Hey, ur site is not blocked any more…:)
    Yes, the steap drop is funny… at least when I saw some funny story of some bad luck dealer typing b instead of m when sold out P&G…
    Well, is that true or in drama?

  2. bad news is, chinese blog is still blocked, so still is a FAN Dong site…
    I like the balloons and clouds at title bar. fairy tale style. Or they are from the old baloon seller in UP?:)

    • i think maybe both blogs were unblocked, but then i happened to post one about Yuan Teng Fei’s history lecture and that pissed them off again. So Chinese blog was threw back into the Dungeon. :p
      The template was made by a Chinese MM. My Chinese blog template was also from her. 🙂

  3. strange… why blocked for Yuan Teng Fei? He’s on CCTV to lecture history as far as I know, just like previously Yi Zhong Tian’s Three Kingdoms story… Many wait and see how he get blocked one day, but still didn’t happen yet. Maybe kind of too famous to block.
    Let me find out what you said… 😀

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