Photos from New York

Flea Market on 23rd. Sunday, Aug. 17, 2003

New York was always so full of surprises. On Saturday we accidently walked into a free aircraft exhibit in Rockefeller Center: Centennial of Flight 1903-2003. To stand next of a real F-16 was interesting, since we’ve been hearing of its name in news when it was flying over Iraq and Afghan. Then there were those moth-like small planes used during WWI and WWII. They reminded me of all the romantic movies such as Out of Africa and English Patient. The one that really caught our fanscy was the supersonic “wedge-like” small aircraft that is able to go from NYC to Tokyo in one hour! I immediately thought of the 3D grid-wise transportation system portraited in The Fifth Element.

On Sunday Mi bought a new digital camera–Canon PowerShot A70. We took some pictures of Chelsea street fair and the colorful flea market on 23rd. Then we went back to Rockefeller Center and captured the images of these interesting planes.

More pictures here….