“National Defense” – The New Yorker on World Cup

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Tim Howard will be key in the long-awaited World Cup rematch against England next week.Psychologically, goalkeeping is the toughest spot on the field. Howard has Tourette's syndrome, which he feels may help him stay alert and reactive.

After Gui alerted me to the June 7th issue, i read this article about USA soccer team history, their match against England 60 years ago, termed as “Miracle on the Grass”, current team member such as Tim Harward and Landon Donovan. Fascinating read.

One interesting piece of information is about the USA’s jersey. Not sure if i’m the only one puzzled by the USA soccer jersey design this year. It looks odd and even ugly to me. But turned out, this year’s USA uniform, “made by Nike, is styled after the 1950 jersey, with a vintage sash across the front.” So that’s it, “echoes of history”. Hoping for another Miracle on the Grass… If USA could play the way they did during the second half against Slovenia, then a Miracle seems very possible…

Go, USA! 🙂

– Read the Abstract of this article: Hampton Sides, The Sporting Scene, “National Defense: Can the United States’ goalkeeper produce another Miracle on Grass?” The New Yorker, June 7, 2010
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