EARTH PILGRIM by Sacha Dean Biyan

Absolutely amazing! Photos, design, words, and a journey, what a life!
EARTH PILGRIM by Sacha Dean Biyan
“A compelling photographic journey to the farthest reaches of the globe, delving into the customs and rituals of various remote and vanishing cultures. A revealing glimpse into the lives of several indigenous groups struggling against the tide of global assimilation.”
The names of the place could roll down your tongue like morning dew, still reflecting the lush green of the tropical jungle: “amazon. irian jaya. papua new guinea. ecuador. peru. bolivia. java. brazil. indonesia.”

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  1. It IS amazing!!! Thanks for the URL.

    P.S. What a pleasant surprise that you are reading my blog. I never told you about it, so it was REALLY surprising for me. (I guess you can check all your referrers on the log of this site, and that’s how you found me, right?)

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