3 thoughts on “George W. Bush, Gay Rights Activist & other fun links

  1. I read its theory and don’t buy it. What the theory implies is any technical piece of writing is by male, and any fiction/biography style writing is by female.

    Since you asked, i just input this paragraph from my blog:

    The New Yorker is running a Debut Fiction edition. It contains three short pieces from well-known authors and three from new comers. My favorite is “Gogol” – What’s in a name? by Jhumpa Lahiri. Not able to find an on-line version, though. 🙁 You can find all the Debut pieces here. I like LOVE LESSONS, MONDAYS, 9 A.M. by LARA VAPNYAR, a story from Moscow, Russia; and CITY OF CLOWNS by DANIEL ALARC?N, a story from Lima, Peru. For some reason I like the latter more. It is a simple and quiet story, with the typical sadness that seems perpetual in South America. Reminded me of Jorge Luis Borges, the incredible writer and poet from Argentina…

    Guess that the Gender Genie concluded?

    Score: 113
    Words: 113

    The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: Uh, the Gender Genie has no idea!


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